Is Your Business Ready For A BOLD APPROACH?


If Your Business Is Ready For A
BOLD APPROACH, We Are Here To Help You Like We Have Hundreds Of Other Companies

Bold Approach gets results for businesses and their key staff that need to grow, period. We are not for the timid or uncommitted. We believe that real, measurable results matter, that hard word counts, (yours and ours) and that you are likely here because you tried doing it yourself, you’ve tried hiring “coaches, consultants and gurus” and you were left lacking in results and revenue.

Sound about right?

Let Me Ask This: Did Your Last Consultant Have Any Financial Skin In The Game?

To us a Bold Approach means your business partner has to have some financial skin in the game with you. We believe that growth strategy must be accelerated, actionable and accountable.

Most Of What Passes For Big Ideas Are BS Not Bold – Ideas Must ACT profitably

A Actionable and Accountable By The Team & Customers
C Cost Appropriate For Results Delivered
T Time Bound – There must be a clear and time directed path to implementation. Ideas without the ability to implement are impotent.

You need someone to take a look at your business with new eyes and give you realistic, actionable ideas that make a difference and create results in a way your business can implement, scale and grow. . You need an immediate shift in thinking, an accelerated shift in action, and a purposeful shift in results that drive revenue.

What does your business need right now?

An Action Oriented Sales Team That Get’s It Done Rather Than Waiting For The Phone To Ring?
A Done For You Digital Marketing Program That Actually Gets Results?
Help Managing Your Sales Team?
An Upgrade In Skills For The CEO Or Core Team?
A New Strategy And Help Implementing It?

There are four kinds of clients that hire us:

  • Companies Looking To Grow … Fast!
  • Companies Who’ve Lost Their Way In The Market But Need To Come Back
  • Companies Who’ve Tried Other “Strategists, Agencies, Consultants, etc.” Who’ve Failed To Deliver.
  • Companies In Transition – Generationally (Family Succession), Culturally, or Operationally

What The Typical Client Tells Us Just Before They Take A Bold Approach

“I’ve tried everything I know, I’ve hired Consultants, Coaches and Gurus, my business isn’t working, my life is completely out of balance, I don’t know what to do but something has to change fast.”

What Is A Bold Approach?

A Bold Approach is an idea, a strategy, a series of tactics that are specifically created and designed to create the advantage you need to have the business you want. We are more than a consulting firm or a coaching company; - we are your business partner.

Bold Beliefs About Business

  • For Us To Be In Partnership With You We Need Skin In The Game Too
  • Disruption, Innovation, and Definitive Action Equal Bold Results
  • Implementation Is Everything – Money Follows Definitive Action
  • Measurement and Management Make The Business
  • If You Had All The Answers And Could Do It All Yourself You Already Would Have
  • Implementation Is Everything Money Follows Action
  • Processes Produce Profit – When They Are Documented And Replicable
  • Marketing Today Doesn’t Work The Same Way It Did When You Learned It
  • Digital Marketing Matters Whether You Believe It Does Or Not – Marketing The Way You’ve Always Done It Is Mostly Wrong … And Costly in dollars and Market Share
  • Persuasion Produces Profit
  • How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything
  • Your Business And Your Life Are Not Disconnected - You Must Manage Yourself Before You Manage Your Business
  • Your Sales Team Needs More Training And You Need To Know How To Lead Salespeople
  • Most Of What You Learn From Consultants, Gurus, and Coaches Is Not Actionable Nor Profitable
  • The Moment You Said It Would Just Be Easier, Faster, and Better If I Did It Myself Was Last Day ANYONE In Your Company Was Responsible For Results … Other Than You


Our Mission Is Simple: To Help Business Leaders Like You Boldly Build Profitable Businesses When You Need It Most

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